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Small Town Boy is the new single of the talented reggae singer Timmi Burrell. This single is a preview of what to expect from the upcoming album A Small Town Boy Story and will include 14 reggae tunes.The single speaks to the everyday struggles faced by people from poorer backgrounds but reassures us in the chorus that "Jah is a Friend when I'm in need, Jah is always there for me" delivered over a scintillating horn section.Timmi says: "I'm sure the people will love this tune because everyone can relate to the message and if you like the single you will love the album because every song has a powerful message, whether its about love, relationships, social struggles and more, there is a tune for everyone". This song will definitely give people an idea of the direction the album is going in and also what kind of vibe and overall energy to expect from the album.

This album will be Timmi's first and has been a long time coming.

 Timmi says: Over the years a lot of doors have been closed but my love for music kept me going. I have been busy since the start of 2013 working to put together a set of songs that i can be proud of, that people can look back and say that was great Reggae album. All the songs have been recorded so its now just a matter of mixing and mastering to get that sound that we know the people will love.

The album is being produced by Mac and Tmar of MacLes Music Factory and New Sound Records, who have produced a number of songs for Timmi in the past.

 The album will be Reggae at its core with Timmi delivering each song with the emotion that the riddims require of him. This album will be a treat for Reggae and just overall music lovers, this album will surely have you skanking when its released.

 An official release date will be announced via Timmi Burrell's Facebook page and the other sites listed below but until then go out and get your copy of the "Small Town Boy" single and get yourself in the mood for more where that came from.

 You can also win prizes such as free downloads and pre-releases so keep checking the New Sound Records Facebook page and also the websites for more info on promos.

Small Town Boy was written by Timmi Burrell & Marc Leys.

The track was recorded partially in Jamaica, US and Beljam.

Lead and backing vocals: Timmi Burrell

Additional backing vocals: Seranah Mokadam

Drums: Wim "Radics" Verbruggen

Bass, keyboards, guitars and horns arrangement: Marc Leys

Mixed & produced @ MacLes Music Factory by Marc Leys

Co-producer: Tmar Jermaine Millington of New Sound Records

Mastering engineer: Staf Verbeeck

Artwork: Ryan Luckoo



3Wayz - Riddim

The new "3 Wayz Riddim" from ZiggyBlacks Productions featuring artists from the Caribbean, Europe and Africa is making noise worldwide. The new compilation has been getting great reviews. The idea of the producer, ZiggyBlacks, his aim was to gather artist from all parts of the world - that are involved with reggae and dancehall music on a regional level, yet are not being highlighted in the international scene. Artist such as Aska Lyrical and Likle Mystic are Panamanian stars whose music is being aired throughout Latin America on a daily basis penetrating the minds of the Latino dancehall, reggae and reggaeton fans alike. Jerry Julian the well-known Marseille reggae French artist. Timmi Burrell is also known throughout Jamaica and the Caribbean. ZiggyBlacks Productions has been working tirelessly over the years with artist throughout Latin America, Europe, the Caribbean and Africa - from production to promotion and management - the company has well rounded with experience in maintaining a presence on the world's music scene.
The "3 Wayz Riddim" jointly written by ZiggyBlacks and the internationally renowned producers at New Sound Records and Macles Music Factory who are also responsible for major music productions coming out of Jamaica and Europe. All tracks on the final released compilation were mixed and mastered by New Sound Records and Macles Music Factory.
An amazing lineup of artist consisting of Aska Lyrical, Likle Mystic, Tmar, IVoltage, Jerry Julian, Musaby, Timmi Burrell, New Trik and Papa Zal ... will encourage djs, clubs and sound systems to focus on this new sound entering into the dancehall. !“New Trik” – the 16 year old sensation featured in this line up has been setting a pace of his own, with his clean and consistent lyrical content, promoting positive values and attitudes amongst teenagers of the day. His catchy style of lyrics is sure to appeal to the young dancehall enthusiast of today. New Trick is also the son of the producer ZiggyBlacks and is following steadfastly in his father’s footsteps embracing positive dancehall and reggae music across the world.
The 3 Wayz Riddim’s groovy island sound, augmented by the preppy lyrics being delivered by each artist - already has the dancehall masses going crazy on the dance floor – is destined for official release on the 17of May 2013. This riddim will surely be heating up the airwaves for the summer on all major radio and platforms that support dancehall content.

Capleton – Summa Love / Fyah Starta Riddim

Nu vă speriaţi de începutul puţin mai suspect şi nici de Riddim-ul presărat cu foarte multe influenţe electro. Capleton rămâne acelaşi şi chiar dacă vara a trecut acest lucru nu ne împiedică să ascultăm azi piesa sa numită Summa Love.

Fyah Starta Riddim a fost creat de către Jermaine Tamar Millington membru New Sound Records. Mai jos aveţi şi întregul mix. Enjoy!

Fyah Starta Riddim Mix 



1. Capleton - Summa Love
2. Tmar - Gal Dem Love Mi
3. Timmi Burrell - Hands In The Air
4. Qurious - Wine Like You Sexing Me
5. Capleton - Summa Love (Soft)
6. Boomazz - Roll Out
7. Zeallious - Gal Seh Mi Welcome
8. Changes - Money Motion feat Jah Boassy
9. Tmar - Fyah Starta Riddim instrumental

Urmăriţi-ne pentru mai multe ştiri şi riddim-uri reggae!

fyah starta riddim zona reggae

Montag, 1. Oktober 2012

Fyah Starta Riddim [Aug 2012] [Jermaine Tamar Millington]

Jermaine Tamar Millington presents the "Fyah Starta Riddim" - a new Dancehall Juggling which features Capleton, Tmar, Timmi Burrell, Qurios, Boomaz, Zeallious and Changes featuring Jah Boassy!!


01. Capleton - Summa Love (Raw)
02. Tmar - Gal Dem Love Mi
03. Timmi Burrell - Hands In The Air
04. Qurios - Wine Like You Sexing Me
05. Capleton - Summa Love (Edit)
06. Boomazz - Roll Out
07. Zeallious - Gal Seh Mi Welcome
08. Changes ft. Jah Boassy - Monexy Motion
09. Tmar - Fyah Starta Riddim Instrumental

Download-Link iTunes:

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Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2012

Street Cleaner Riddim [May 2012] [New Sound Records - MacLes Music Factory]

New Sound Records and MacLes Music Factory present the "Street Cleaner Riddim" - a new Dancehall Juggling featuring Timmi Burrell, Tmar, Rexxx, Mojo Herb, Edge Michael, Ceekaith, Qurious, Musaby, Aska Lyrical and Tikaros!!

01. Timmi Burrell - Every Weh Mi Go
02. Tmar - Fear No Evil
03. Rexxx - Gal Dem Heng On
04. Mojo Herb - Gunshot Blazing
05. Edge Michael - Me & Babygirl
06. Ceekaith - Come Over To Me Plz
07. Qurious - Closer To Me
08. Musaby - Quality Time ft. Tmar
09. Aska Lyrical - Good Friend
10. Tikaros - Stepping Higher


Download-Link iTunes:

Tmar - Contributed 

Ever since he was a youngster growing up in his home town in Princess Field, St Catherine, Jermaine Millington aka Tmar was very passionate about music.

At age nine, he began performing at school events while attending St Dominic Prep. This trend continued throughout his high school years, as he also became very active in dancing, drama and music.

The former Charlemont high school student has come a long way since those early days; now he is a budding musician, producer and singjay.

"From I was a little boy, music was a big part of my life, other than music the only thing that really piqued my interest was football and although I played football in high school, in the end music won out. My whole life is about music now, making beats, recording my songs, performing and producing for other artistes," he said.

Over the last four years, Tmar has produced a number of rhythm projects featuring himself and other artistes including Little Hero, Charly Black and Timmi Burrell.

He is currently promoting a brand new rhythm called the Street Cleaner. This rhythm features songs from artistes like Timmi Burrell, Edge Michael, Mojo Herbs, Qurious, Belgium-based African singer Musaby and Tikaros from Japan.

Tmar is very excited about the project which has been released over a month now. Since its release all the songs on the rhythm including Tmar's I Fear No Evil have been receiving strong support both locally and overseas, especially in Japan and Europe.

According to Tmar, the rhythm has what it takes to be a success globally.

"The Street Cleaner was made with the international market in mind, the rhythm is pure dancehall, it has the '90s flavour that's missing from dancehall music now and the songs are well-produced and mastered. I really think with the right support from radio it will go places worldwide."

He also thinks this project will be the one to give him the musical breakthrough that he has long yearned for.

"I have been doing my thing for a good while now and I think that I have finally found the winning project. I have been getting a lot of props for the Street Cleaner, people really seem to like it. All the songs are doing well especially on youtube, and I have been getting crazy comments on facebook about it. Everywhere I perform my song on the rhythm, I have got a good response."

All the songs on the Street Cleaner rhythm were mixed and mastered by Marc Leys at MacLes Music Factory in Belgium.

Timmi Burrell - Contributed photos

R. A. B. Entertainment recording artiste Timmi Burrell is extremely excited about his new single which is titled Every Weh Mi Go.

"I have a very good feeling about my new single, I can tell it's going to do well. It hasn't even hit the airwaves as yet, but a lot of people have been linking me about it already, especially on Facebook and SoundCloud. I have been getting a lot of positive reactions about it in the streets as well," said Burrell.

Singing over the mid-tempo Street Cleaner dancehall rhythm, the smooth voice of the singer chants 'every weh mi go the gal dem a run mi down, when mi do road Jah know mi swag tun up, like a hot summer sun mi a burn up, bwoy see mi round dem catty an get nervous', as he brags about the overwhelming amount of attention that he receives from the females wherever he goes.

"A lot of people who have heard Every Weh Mi Go are asking if it's about my personal experiences. I tell them I don't sing fiction. Anything Timmi Burrell sings is reality," said the singer confidently.

Burrell is also looking forward to the release of a number of other singles.

"I have recorded a lot of singles for various producers both locally and abroad. Some of them will be released soon, in time for the summer. I am especially looking forward to the release of my song called Tek Time on Claude Mills' Mercury rhythm," he said.

The Street Cleaner Riddim was created by Jermaine Tmar Millington of New Sound Records and mixed and produced by Marc Leys of the MacLes Music Factory, and features songs from other artistes including Tmar, Musaby, Qurious, Mojo Herbs, Edge Michael, and Rexxx.